What is it?

EarthClock displays a realtime view of the earth, and overlays a clock. It's fully skinnable. Focus it on your city and watch the night slowly move in. Focus it on other cities to see what's up. It's like a gift to your desktop. It's also free. More info in about.

EarthClock News

Added more quick views. Mr. Mouse did some webmining and came back with some interesting views that you can use. They're all pretty nice, but Sol really stands out... [25 february 2004]

*** EarthClock Mega News Update for february 21, 2004 ***

Whoa, it was a busy week. A lot of work got done, and EarthClock got a lot better.

New version 1.3 is out! Many improvements and fixes. Shortcuts added to get views and skins off web. Online version check. More views added to installer (LA, NY and Tokyo). Skin installer for easy skin installation. Significantly improved error handling and reduced crashing. A lot of UI improvements and additions. Go directly to the download section.

New Skins section. Your EarthClock will never look the same again. A guy named Thorsten Ørts sent me some very nice and creative skins, which you can now download. I have added a few myself as well. Check out the new skins page.

Ability to add webcams. I've improved the flexibility of the HTTP fetching code to be able to view a webcam through EarthClock. I also added a short tutorial to the views page. Now you can watch your friends as they're imprisoned in your very own clock. Or check out the snow-conditions of your favorite resort.

Older news

New Mailing list. EarthClock now has a mailing list. If you're interested in receiving e-mail news about EarthClock, go here. [16 february 2004]

EarthClock is now a SourgeForge project. A lot of people are downloading EarthClock (1189 downloads so far!). Unfortunately, xentax.com has limited bandwidth (15 gig monthly), and the risk of xentax getting swamped is getting too high. To alleviate the download burden, I've registered this project on SourceForge, so I don't have to worry about that anymore. Executable downloads will now be handled by the SourceForge download servers.

I've requested a SourceForge mailing list for those who are interested in getting e-mail news about EarthClock. I'll release info on that when the registration process is finished.

For programmers: I've also put the source on the SourceForge CVS server, so you can access the latest development snapshot. Read more about CVS access here.
[16 february 2004]

New version 1.2 is out. Improvements: EarthClock will now load at startup, some bugfixes, documentation updated. New features: Graphics options to tweak for performance. Download here. For an explanation about the new options, go to the updated documentation.
[12 february 2004]

New views section. Ever wanted to focus EarthClock on your own city? Well... now you can! Detailed instructions are in the new views section.
[10 february 2004]

New version 1.1 is out. John Walker made some requests and suggestions, which I've incorporated in EarthClock (specifics are in readme.txt). Among other things, it's now easier to create your own view. Download the result here.
[9 february 2004]