Download EarthClock 1.3.1

Currently, only Windows XP and 2000 versions have been tested successfully. I've tested it on Red Hat, and got a little farther than before, but it still doesn't work. I'm releasing the source though, so I've you're a Linux user and you want to give it a shot, be my guest. It has been reported that EarthClock will not run on Win 95/98. It's been reported that the source of version 1.3 works on Mac OSX.

Download Windows Installer (4 MB)

Download Source (0.5 MB)


Just run the installer. It will put EarthClock in your start-menu, and on your desktop. For pure Python runs, please refer to the build*.txt files.


Current development CVS-source is here at SourceForge.

Old versions

Try these if you have trouble running the latest version.

EarthClock 1.2

Download (4 MB)

EarthClock 1.1

Download (4 MB)

EarthClock 1.0 Beta

Download ( 4 MB)